Day 84: First Paying Client Task Completed

I got the task finished! It took me way longer than it should have, and I may have ran some code on production by accident, but I at least got it completed.

The task was really basic, but since I am not too familiar, it took me longer than I would have liked.

I also didn’t realize I was pointing to the production database, so when I got it working, I modified some things as a test, and actually changed production data. Luckily, I just added a few extra characters to some fields, so undoing it wasn’t too hard.

The task was to troubleshoot existing code that wasn’t working. Figuring out what it was currently doing was hard enough, and then to figure out what was causing it not work was even more difficult.

I had to do a lot of error catching and logging to figure out where things were going wrong, followed by a ton of Googling to figure out how to fix it. Once I got it done, the change was really basic.

It was so basic, I really didn’t know if I should bill for the entire time I spent working on it since it seemed like a quick 30 second change.