Day 98: Finalizing Apartment

I am keeping the streak alive of not doing anything. I did find out that my apartment application was approved, but I need to submit proof of insurance and utility account numbers prior to moving in. With the move in scheduled for this weekend, I was mainly focused on getting everything finalized.

Getting the renters insurance wasn’t as easy as I though. I already have insurance, but it couldn’t be moved out of Ohio. I ended up having to go with a new company, and I took the easy way out and just went with the insurance company the apartment management company recommended. That was the only way to make sure I got the required insurance and that the insurance company could even issue the insurance to begin with.

I also had to call to get the gas and electric put in my name. I got the account number for the electric company, but wasn’t able to get the account number for the gas. I was starting to get nervous, and then I got a call from the apartment manager. When I asked about not having the account number, he told me to call the gas company back and talk to someone else.

The worst part of calling is after I get through all the stupid automated options to get to a real person, my new address is abbreviated, so no one can find it when I tell them what the address is. I have to give them the real address and then tell them to spell it differently in order to actually find my account.

Turns out, I don’t get an account number until later, but I do get a reference number. Getting the apartment manager that finalizes my application and makes everything ready to go. Now, I at least have a place to move into this weekend.