December Status Report

December wasn’t like the other months. Client work still lead the way, but there was more online selling and an attempt to sell some sites. That increased revenue from the online sales, but also increased expenses from the cost of ads.

Arguably, December was worse than other months in the sense that online sales and ads were actually expensive. However, I am hoping it lays the groundwork to increase revenue in the future without having to rely solely on client work.


Client work brought in the most. Online sales saw a bump up in revenue. However, with the FBA disaster, expenses will see most of that washed away in fee.


Expenses were greater this month. I had the typical outsourced help expense. Along with that were seller fees. Additionally, I started running some ads to build up the email list to sell sites.


I originally planned on tracking time to see where my time goes compared to how much that brings in. However, I did a terrible job doing that.

I forgot to track most projects and only remembered to track online sales during some eBay Store set up work and website selling preparation work.

Even then, I only logged 2 hours and 18 minutes for eBay, and an hour and 52 minutes for website work. Tracking the work wasn’t super easy.

I would occasionally log in to eBay to adjust prices or change some settings, and similarly with the websites, I would work on things here and there. I didn’t really dedicate a specific time frame to either one, and therefore, didn’t start the time tracker.

Online sales definitely took more time than previous months, and that shows in the increase in revenue. It’s not as efficient as something like client work, however.

An hour of client work is more profitable, and therefor a higher priority, than an hour of selling online.

The big advantage comes with being able to pick the hour I spend doing online sales since I have no client to keep happy. Automating tasks and increasing efficiency would go a long way to making online sales scalable and more competative hourly against client work, so there is still potenial here.

Hopefully, with the initial set up completed, next month will still capitalize on online sales without needing as much effort.