February Status Report

February wasn’t the best month ever. With the move happening the first week, that occupied most of my time. All online sales were basically stopped so I wouldn’t have to deal with shipping while moving.

After that, I never really got the eBay sales back up and running. I had the internet problems which locked most accounts, and I didn’t spend much time trying to get that all sorted out while dealing with the network plan. I figured I should get everything set up the way I wanted it before doing all that just in case something changed and I would have to do it again.


Income was almost exclusively the client work I already had in place. I did get a few online sales, but nothing too great. The sales at least covered the cost of having the upgraded eBay and Amazon accounts.


Outsource workers and seller fees were really the only expenses for the month.


Overall, it was a pretty boring month. 10 days of moving plus internet problems really kept me from doing anything other than client work I was already committed to.