Incoming Planning for a Short Term Goal

I have an investment deal coming up, but I have to move some money around to have the cash to do it. That’s looking like I could come up short without cashing out of some investments. Now, I am thinking I should try to get my low-performing money generating methods working a little better to cover the difference.

Client work is nice since it is pretty consistent. I just do the work that I get, and then I bill for the week. I don’t have to go out looking for work or run into slow periods. However, the consistency also means that if I am going to come up short, client work won’t help. I can’t ramp up the amount of work I do because I need the money. I can’t force the client to give me more work or change my rate because I need more money this week. I also can’t slash prices in hopes of selling more like I can with eBay or Amazon sales.

I had a strategy to sell shirts, but that has basically flat-lined. I am working on getting an eBay Store up and running to try to generate more sales, especially with the holiday season approaching.

Another potential opportunity is Fulfillment By Amazon. I doubt I would use that for shirts, but it would give me a way to scale up when I need the money. Send some items to Amazon, and if I am short on cash, take the money I do have, or more likely a credit card, buy inventory, and ship it to Amazon.

Now, I am taking the total amount that I am going to be short and breaking that down to figure out how I can get chunks, like a reasonable amount for selling sites, then working backwards to figure out just what needs to be done in order to get to that number. I am shooting for $80,000 within 2 months, so it won’t be super easy. It might not even be possible.

Breaking it down, I could do 4 things that each generate $20,000, or $10,000 per month for 2 months.

Along with some websites I really want to just get rid of, I do have the benefit of the holiday season coming up to help with not only eBay and Amazon sales, but also the websites. No one will buy a website for a Christmas present, but a lot of the sites I do have are Amazon affiliate sites.

Selling those with Christmas coming up makes it a bit easier since the busy buying season is right around the corner and would benefit the new owner of the website.

Worst case, I still can move the money around to make the deal happen, but this should give me a little motivation to try harder along with a way to measure success….or failure.