July Income Report

Second income report isn’t much better than the first. More progress was made on the shirts, but not many were sold. Nothing else really caught on either, though. All income is still primarily from client work. Even with that, not much progress was made to get additional work or increase my income in any way.


Client work still leads the way at $15,110.

There was an Amazon shirt sale along with two eBay sales. Amazon sold for $18.99, but after fees, I got $7.89 from Amazon. eBay shirts sold for $16.99, which I ended up with $4.40 each. The worst part is, Amazon has a monthly fee, so I still lost money with Amazon as a whole.


I didn’t have much in the way of expenses. Outsource was the highest at $3,024. I did get the suit from last month returned, so I had to issue the refund of $71.85. Plus the Amazon account fee of $39.99.

The plan going forward is to try to resell the returned items. Since I take the full loss now, anything I get for it if resold would be profit…in the sense that the cost was already factored in. This is still a bit of a gray area, though, since I bought some items to sell about 6 years ago and still have them. At this point, it’s just liquidation.

I made the money back, especially early on, and now I just don’t want the items. Factoring in the cost and marking down the loss makes it appear that I am doing a horrible job selling online. It doesn’t account for the fact that I made money over the last past 6 years and want to just free up space.


The total comes in at $11990.85. Next month, I will really be looking at trying to increase revenue from something other than client work. All in all, not a great month, but holding it steady.