July Status Report

Starting off July, the focus will be on client work, specifically the shorter duration freelance-type work where I am doing a single site and then the work is complete. Ideally, doing sites like this will help get everything set up to sell the existing sites, as well.

The challenge I am facing is just the set up and process of everything. Once I figure that out for the first site, I can just reuse it for the rest. Even things like quotes, proposals, and contracts are hard to come up with the first time, but should be easy for ever additional time needed.

The same type of issues come up for selling sites. I am still working out the details to efficiently transfer one. After that, I should be able to scale up and streamline the process. Right now, though, I am running into issues, especially when it comes to selling hosting.

All these issues take time, and the more time I spend, the less I can actually sell. Additionally, the more time I spend, the more I don’t really want to do it right now, and I keep putting it off. Taking the path of least resistance is to just do nothing. I need to make the scalable where selling more is the least resistant.

It’s really hard to promote sites for sale with the goal of just getting 1 sale, though. Just 1 in order to test the flow of everything and tweak as necessary.

I am starting to realize the only way forward is just to go for it at full throttle, and adjust as I go. Aim for 100 orders. It’s going to be a rocky takeoff, but hopefully I can adjust and adapt as I go until I get the process down smooth.

I did get to spend a week onsite with the newest client, which took up more time than I wanted it to. Plus, it really didn’t accomplish much. Not only in general trying to do other things since I was stuck at a hotel, but also for the client. It was an overall pointless trip. I was able to rack up some travel rewards, however.

I was also supposed to launch a freelance client site at the end of the month. The money will be rolled back into advertising to get more clients, so ultimately, I treat it as $0 revenue even though the site was billed at $6,000.

It was delayed due to not getting content from the client in time. The goal was at the end of July in time for August monthly payment to go through the new site. Since that will be missed, and the client bills their customers monthly, this could get pushed out to the end of August.

It should result in more of a long term project along with generate some word-of-mouth business….at least that’s the goal.

The freelance project was completed with someone else, so even if it’s all profit, I split the money. I am planning on scaling up this type of work by using others to partner with.

However, it seems like I can take on only 1 partner per project and still have it come out profitable. $6,000 split 3 ways begins to make it not worth doing, and 4 or more ways is definitely pointless.

This seems to have the same problem as selling existing sites, though, and doing it once raises problems that once solved, would work for all future sites sold.