June Income Report

This is the first income report since the daily report I did a couple years ago. The plan here is to list the money I actually received, not counting investments, such as the real estate.

This would mean that any hours worked before June, but weren’t paid until June would be counted. Same goes for any expense that I received the benefit of before June, but didn’t have to actually pay until June.

This gets a little harder with things like ads that just bill my credit card as I go. The plan is to use the date billed to my account and not the date I actually pay the card off.

June was not a very impressive month, but I was partially expecting a disappointment of a month given it’s the first one, and I don’t have a ton of things going on at the moment.

I would like to see ad spend increase and that, in turn, generating more sales. However, I really had nothing ready to go to the point where serious ad spend was justified.


Majority of the income, unsurprisingly, was from client work. Total income from client work was $14,920 for the month.

Additionally, there was an eBay sale for $74, but due to shipping, that actually come in at a loss after the cost of eBay and PayPal fees along with the cost of the item. Shortly after selling it, I got the request to return it, making this a big money loser, if it does actually come back.


I didn’t do all the client work personally, but had some outsourced help. Total cost of that was $4,706.46. That is the biggest expense I had.

Coming in at number 2 was advertising, which was banner ads for the shirts, at $452.

Finally, there was the Amazon seller monthly fee of $39.99 and the loss on the eBay sale of $8.97.


Total income for the month was $9,712.58. Client work paid well, even after paying for outsourced help. Ads were expensive and produced no results, so that is a big disappointment. However, I think over time, the ads will start producing sales, and therefore income, which would justify doing it. Right now, I am heavily dependent on client work.