June Status Report

June saw the start of the new client work. I also ramped up online sales. However, on the 18th, the online sales took a crushing blow. I ran into some eBay account issues, and instead of screwing around with that while continuing to attempt to sell, I think the best approach is to pause the eBay sales while I focus more on selling websites.

I did get a website sale, but I wasn’t too happy with the process. Client work still took focus this month,  but with eBay sales being paused, improving the site sale flow moved to the next priority. I began working on making improvements with the intention of starting a bigger marketing plan at the beginning of next month.

The month primarily consisted of work for the new client. At the beginning, there is always an awkward phase of getting up to speed, but really producing nothing of value. I feel like I could easily be let go without any consequences to the company, so it’s a fine balance of trying to get familiar with everything while still delivering value.

Other than the new client and initially selling on eBay, I spent more of the time the strategy and habit experiment, and just trying to figure out where to go from here. I really haven’t gained any transaction with anything profitable and sustainable other than client work.

I did keep going with the lead generation for more client work, however. Scaling up the outsourced work might be an avenue I should look into sooner rather than later.

I also made an onsite visit to a client I am working with someone else on. It was a 7 week project, and it was already 3 weeks in before I was really needed. It could be a way to get more client work that exceeds the number of hours I can personally work.

However, that would shift my time from actual work to managing the clients and work, which is not my favorite thing to do. It does seem like the most profitable choice, though.