March Status Report

March also wasn’t a super great month. I did focus more on laying the foundation and not so much on immediate results, which resulted in more expenses and no income now.

That should pay off later, however. I also let some of the outsourced workers go in an attempt to more efficiently spend money.


A few online sales happened, but nothing great. It was another month of all client work. Online sales did come in, but I also hit a negative balance on Amazon.

For the first time this year, I owed more on the account to have it than the money I made from sales.


Big expense coming in this month was advertising to get new clients. I spent almost $8,000. The campaign hasn’t even run, but should start early next month. Other than that, I had the typically outsourced workers along with seller fees. 


Not the best, but I really had nothing going. I am hoping to ramp that up more next month, and the months that follow. Getting more client work was never real a priority.

Ideally, I would do additional things to generate revenue, like online sales and selling websites. However, it’s become clear that client work is really where I am making the most money.

I do have some work that I completely outsource, and just take a cut from the worker I have actually performing the work.

Getting more gigs like that creates even more revenue without me having to actually spend the time doing it. It’s the only way to scale with freelance work since there’s only so many hours I can personally trade for dollars.

Grant Cardone talks about the number of hours in a day is greater than 24, if you have people working for you. It’s not exactly the path I set out to take, but realistically, I have a hard time turning down paying work, especially when nothing else really gained traction yet.