May Status Report

I stuck with the plan and made the wholesale order this month. I also lined up a few other products to try selling online. I am seriously considering going private labeled products through Amazon, and am coming up with brand names to use.

Talking to suppliers hasn’t been easy. We come to an agreement, and then terms change, so the deal is canceled. Plus, the time for shipping, just getting everything finalized, reviewed, and decided to go all in is taking way longer that I would like.

I was also scheduled to start the new client early, on the 6th, but then it ran into issue which pushed the date back to the 20th. It was then pushed again to next month. It is not going too well, however, and now I feel like it won’t be a real long-lasting client, if I even start with them at all.

Typically when things start getting pushed back, it’s a sign that I won’t actually start. I should get the travel details prior to next month, though. That shows at least a little confidence this will actually happen…as long as that commitment is actually met.

However, that fell apart near the end of the month with them claiming they could not buy the plane tickets for me, but if I could do it, they would reimburse. They did put restrictions on what they were willing to pay, though, which made me nervous about the other travel expenses.

I don’t want to travel to begin with, let along get stuck covering the cost. On the second to the last day of the month, they got everything booked and sent to me. I start the first week next month, a delay of a month from the original agreement, but at least it’s going to happen now.

I did get sick for a few days, which slowed everything down. I was hoping to ever more listed on eBay and Amazon, along with getting new suppliers vetted. I have my wholesale order coming and I wanted to get everything on eBay the night before, but being sick, I didn’t get that done.

That order ended up being late, however. I was able to get my automated lister working in time before the order was actually delivered. It took a couple days to go through everything, inventory it, and make sure nothing broke during shipping.

I was a little slow ordering supplies, so I delayed actually listing items by a day. First day listed, I sold 3 items, or about 1% of the products I bought.

I am also making progress on selling off websites. This is something I really want to get going. With physical products on eBay and Amazon, digital products being the websites, and client work coming in strong with a full pipeline from the ads, I should be able to make the income I was hoping for when I started all this.