Need to Move Beyond Client Work

I need to get serious when it comes to selling websites. It’s really the only thing I have started, isn’t dependent on actual clients and contracts, and can, at least partially, be automated to sell without my direct involvement constantly.

I am working on some marketing plans to help sell the websites and think it’s time I finally pull the trigger. The key will be to do it consistently, tweaking as I go. But to start things off, I have to do something.

I am also considering partnering up with someone who can help keep things moving forward. Between the two of us, I feel like we can be consistent. If one of us is busy or just doesn’t do something, the other one can step up and keep things moving.

I am hoping to pull the trigger on at least a trial run within the next few days. I am setting up the sales funnel and then would like to send out an email to the current subscribers on the list. That should cost me nothing, and I could start getting some feedback.

If that performs well, then I will consider paid ads and emails. I would like to get something solid as the base, and then scale up and tweak as I go, improving conversions along the way. I just need to commit to doing it and get something started. I have been talking about it for awhile and really have nothing to show for it.

If I keep putting everything off, I will miss the holiday season. The bigger issue is, getting something going takes a bit of time. Starting when I really need the money causes problems since I can’t afford to wait. While I don’t really need the extra money coming in, I would like to get the waiting part over with, so that when I truly need it, I have a system in place that is already working.

Plus, this is really the only other thing I have going for me at the moment that can be started without a ton of additional work or investment. I have no products to sell on eBay or Amazon, and finding something to import or buy wholesale would be even more effort. Even continuing with the WordPress plugin now involved checking it against newer version of WordPress to insure compatibility.

I talked to the person I want to partner up with, and it sounds like they are interested. However, now there are the whole logistics issue of what each of us will do, and when we will do it. My plan on getting some Amazon affiliate sites sold for the holiday season is quickly running out of time.

I don’t want to take on all the work alone and then pay out half the money. However, I also don’t want to miss a prime selling opportunity either. It’s not really their fault for doing nothing since they didn’t know about this ahead of time and already has plans that will make it impossible for them to do work.

For now, I am still trying to get everything together to move forward with. I am thinking I should just do it and wait to see if they ever bring this up again just to make sure they are really interested. Mailing my existing list should be something I could do on my own without the need for any additional help.

Getting the funnel set up along with adequate analytics to be able to know what to tweak is something I could use the extra set of eyes with, though. There’s nothing worse than sending out the emails to a funnel that doesn’t actually work when potential customers try to click buttons.

But I need to do something if I want to meet the short term goal I set, and right now, I have not better options!