New Client Deal is in the Works

Trying to increase client work to help get the income levels up. I have been talking to several clients, but all of them were taking a while to develop, or would sputter out at the end. However, I finally landed a new client.

It was a bit of a rocky takeoff. Things started off questioning whether or not I could even be a remote contractor. Early signs pointed to them really looking for an employee to join their team and sit in their offices.

After that was sorted out, then there was a rate issue. The hourly rate I normally go with was considered way too high which stalled talks. I finally got to talk to the actual department manager, who didn’t seem too concerned with the rate.

Shortly after the talk with him, the ball started rolling. That lead to the phase where I have to clear the contract paperwork along with a drug test. Once all that was good, I get to officially start, but I also have to wait for my laptop and account access.

Of all the work I have been trying to get, I got a few confirmations that I am hired, but then never get the official contract with the excuse that the position was no longer needed. So far, I made it past all the formalities, but there’s still a chance I never get this contract.

For now, though, things are moving forward. Like most projects, I have to do a drug screen and background check before getting access to equipment or code, especially code related to checkout where I would get access to customer info and payment details…even though most customer info is very basic and payment details are encrypted and secured.

Drug screen has been completed and background check form has been filled out. However, I haven’t heard much from them recently. Still, the cost of doing those is usually enough to keep things moving forward since they already have invested in me.

I did go a couple days without hearing any updates, but my scheduled start date is still a few days out. Not yet a concern, but I was thinking I would get some kind of status or update email.

Finally, I got the email saying everything has been cleared, and I am good to start next week.

I did get a ton of extra paperwork to fill out, though. Doing that along with traveling, I missed the deadline to fulfill the packaged client work I sold, so I lost out on the money from that. However, it was $24. The only package sold was bigger, so I get more time to complete it along with more money, so the plan is to actually do that one.

Paperwork has been filed, but it was a bit late. With Labor Day on the way, things are off by a day, but I don’t really have an extra day to submit anything. Worst part is, I don’t have any contact info or any idea what I should be doing my first day.

Normally, that wouldn’t matter, but I feel like the first day being right after Labor Day will make it a busy day for everything else. Things slowed down leading up to the 3-day weekend. When that picks back up, I don’t want to deal with trying to figure out what to do on my first day. At this point, though, I don’t know if I will even start that day since I have no computer.

So my scheduled first day came, and without a computer, they decided to postpone the first day until it came in. The big downfall here is, no one knows when that is. It’s assumed to be some day this week, so now I have to keep a look out for a laptop.

Finally got the word that the laptop will be sent overnight. I did not realize it’s more than just a laptop. With external monitors and a keyboard, it’s going to be impossible to get this back on the plane. Now I have to ship some of it FedEx, and then get a plane and race it to be there to accept the packages.

After some confusion with a tracking number showing delivery to North Carolina, I did get the laptop here. It’s second package that was sent to North Carolina, which I believe is just a keyboard and maybe mouse.

With the laptop, I was able to officially start doing the lame on-boarding stuff like completing safety and security training, getting my email account set up, and messaging people on the team. The planned 4 day starting week due to Labor Due came out to be a 2 day week due to lack of equipment.

I got to spend 2 days doing new hire training, and my first time sheet was approved! Luckily, the pay period is over, so the next invoice I send will be full a full 2 weeks worked.