November Income Report

Client work income was steady, but there wasn’t much else happening. Even loading up more clients or other projects into the pipeline wasn’t really happening this month. I really need to work on something else, especially if I am paying seller fees now.

Selling more is definitely on the list of things to accomplish. With the Fulfillment By Amazon items being sold quickly and being super easy to manage, I would like to scale that up. This is the perfect time of year to do that, even with the higher fees Amazon charges. I would also like to capitalize on the Amazon affiliate websites, and try to get those sold.

I like the websites as a more longer term plan since I control inventory, and can scale up and down as I need money. However, it takes longer to get established and build a customers list to have available when I want to scale up. Selling other products is quicker, but using another company’s products makes me vulnerable to that company. If they won’t let me sell on Amazon or even the internet, there’s nothing I can really do about it.


Client work came in at $23,440. This month was hit by Thanksgiving, which was an off day for one client. Fulfillment by Amazon had some sales, but wasn’t great with the cost of fees, and I had an eBay sale with a Cyber Monday promotion. Amazon came in at $79.56 and eBay was $70.66.


Outsourced workers still came in as the most expensive expense for the month, but I also placed a wholesale order to get more items for eBay and Amazon. Previously, I subtracted the cost of the items, so online sales was just profit.

Now, I will only subtract fees, like PayPal fees, but will keep the cost of the items in the separate section to show how much I had to pay in order to receive sales….plus, it should be easier.

Total for outsourced help was $2,908.97. Cost of items sold, the wholesale order I place, was $2,610.59. Finally, I had eBay and Amazon seller fees come in at $146.13.


Total comes in at $17,924.53. It’s down a bit, about $8,000 from the record month last month, due to Thanksgiving getting in the way of client work along with the cost of the wholesale order.

Nothing else was happening to lift the income up. Ideally, I should have started eBay and Amazon selling this month or even last month. With some domain expiring early next year, I should have also focused on selling some sites.

I am still stuck with client work being the only real source of income, but not scalable without a solid team. Even with a team, my daily focus would have to shift from doing the work to marketing to get additional clients for the team to work with. There’s nothing I can make money with easily without a lot of involvement at this point.

eBay and Amazon, selling websites, and even shirt sales could all be running with little work after the initial set up, but so far, I have nothing actually set up and chugging along. So money is still coming in, and I broke $100,000 total for client work, but it’s not where I would like to see my revenue. I would really like it see it more diversified as well as a little bit higher.