October Income Report

This month saw more client work, Fulfillment by Amazon started, and an eBay store opened, but it still wasn’t the big bump in revenue I was hoping for. Amazon and eBay sales really amounted to very little. I had 1 sale from eBay and 2 from Amazon. The eBay sale actually came before the store was opened.

Combined with the store fees, selling fees were greater than the amount I received, making the sales actually a loss. I am really trying for 4 figure sales in a month, and not 2 figure sales. Without bumping up sales volume, selling online is basically pointless. The only other way to increase online revenue is to sell higher-priced items.


Client work might be at an all time high this month at $31,640. Other than that, I had an eBay sale for $3.87, along with two Amazon sales for a combined total of $4.19.


The only expense this month was outsourced workers and selling fees. Outsourced workers came in at $6,563.67. Selling fees were $39.99 for Amazon. The eBay store hasn’t billed me the fee yet. Currently, my eBay invoice has a $4 credit.

Outsourced workers were picked up for another project that I have going on that, so far, won’t bring in any revenue. For now, I am trying to get the project completed, but still want to be mindful of my expenses. It’s easier to do now that I have other client work coming in for me to do. The additional revenue from that combined with the little time I have available for this, justifies hiring some additional help.


The total was a new high at $25,084.30. Client work is up and I am making progress, but client work isn’t sustainable. I still need to find other ways to generate more revenue without my direct involvement. Plus, I am not on pace to make up the money I will be short on the new investment goal I set out to accomplish.

As far as eBay and Amazon, I don’t really have any super popular and in-demand items, or even a ton of items that are moving slowly, but steadily. I am likely to be moving the beginning of next year, which kept me from buying wholesale items to sell for the holiday season. So the only items I have listed are the items that I have left over from previous years.

Other than that, I don’t even have anything in the pipeline to generate any kind of income. I stalled on the WordPress plugin. The websites were hit by some attacks which I didn’t do anything about. Now, the analytics don’t look too great. Not sure how well I can sell them in this state. But waiting 3 months for stats to build back up also doesn’t sound like a great plan.