July Status Report

July at least started off better than previous months. However, with the first weekend being a holiday weekend, my schedule was screwed up. I don’t really know what happened, but on Friday, the 3rd, I slept almost the entire day.

At least I got back on track on Saturday, the 4th. Having it be a holiday actually helped with that, even though everything else I wanted to do was closed, including banks working on the investment deals.


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June Status Report

June didn’t start out as well as I hoped, but not nearly as bad as things have been going. It was also a slower start than what I was hoping for. However, it does feel like things are slowly getting back to normal.

I tried changing my schedule to make it easier to stay on track, but the first week in, it was already screwed up. I tried to get it back on track as soon as I could to avoid screwing up all of June. When my schedule gets off track, it gets really hard to get it back. I start sleeping at random times, then I have to stay up late to do the work I should have done while I was sleeping, and it’s a vicious cycle.


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May Status Report

May started off with a day full of meetings…not only from the new client but all clients. That lasted way too long, and then my sleeping schedule got all screwed up on Saturday, which made the start to the month terrible. The first week being screwed up didn’t help that it was also my first full week with the new client.

The first full week of the new client also happened to be the week another team member on an existing client was on furlough. I thought that would be a slower week, but that caused everyone to panic, making it a harder week for me than expected. At least the meetings started to die down, though.


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April Status Report

I had high hopes for April, but right from the start, it was nothing but a nightmare. Seemed like everything started to fall apart when I thought things would finally start coming together. Everything from investments to businesses to client work had problems.

To top it off, my schedule got all screwed up, and then I overslept nearly missing a client call. That ruined my schedule for the rest of the week before I was able to get back on track. Plus, the whole shelter-in-place order was extended, which is annoying, but I think it’s taking its toll on everyone else I deal with, as well. No one is happy and dealing with unhappy people all day is not fun.


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March Status Report

March started off well. On the 2nd, I got a call back from someone I originally talked to back in the days of trying to find new clients. They were finally ready to pull the trigger and wanted to know how soon I could start.

I told them I was coming off a contract on Friday, and they asked if I could start the following Monday, making no downtime between contracts. That was really the only thing that went well, though.


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February Status Report

February started off rough. I made it back to North Carolina in the early morning of January 31st. I was still off my normal schedule starting in February, and mainly dealt with banks rejecting my loan request for the newest investment deal.

I also got to deal with 2019 taxes along with determining what course of action I will take for 2020. Waiting until the last minute and then scrambling to get everything together isn’t the greatest option.


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January Status Report

January was pretty uneventful. I didn’t transfer over money every week like I have been doing. Mainly to let my cash reserves build back up and to get some debt paid off. Nothing too concerning, but I had some rental properties that have property tax due. Plus, the credit card I put most of the travel expenses on still needs to be paid.

Also, I was a bit off schedule in January, especially in the first half. I don’t know if iI was still screwed up from traveling or getting sick, but I had a hard time waking up and just staying awake. After falling asleep in the evening, I would be up too late, and the whole cycle would repeat.


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December Status Report

December was the last month of my savings goal. So not only do I need to meet the goal, I also need to figure out what I am doing next year, both in terms of saving along with the plan for this blog.

I am leaning more towards making the blog more instructional and adding videos, instead of having it be more of a diary of daily, weekly, and monthly events.


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WIG Session: 17

The investment deal ran into some problems. It will now be delayed and may result in some additional fees that I will have to pay in order to get it moving again.

Also, it screws up my schedule again since I was planning on traveling to Ohio during Christmas, which made it easier since the client work would have been light.

On top of that, I really didn’t do anything else or bring in any additional revenue. I will almost definitely come up short on the goal. Looks like I pace about $20,000 per month, and with a 4-month timeline, I needed to hit $25,000, which I couldn’t do.


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