WIG Session: 3

This is the first week where I didn’t really meet the goals as quickly as I did previously. Looking over some other teams’ 4DX tips, completing the goals as quickly as possible has been the most common.

Up until this week, I had everything done shortly after coming up with the goals. However, this week took me until yesterday to get everything completed. That was mainly due to the WIG session being today. In typical Parkinson’s Law fashion Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.


WIG Session: 2

The second WIG session is in the books! This is the first full week I had to meet the commitments and try to move the needle. Things are still slow-going, however.

So far, I am liking the whole 4DX approach. The smaller weekly tasks give me something to actually do to meet the larger goal, without wandering around aimlessly trying to accomplish a large goal all at once, but not knowing exactly what to work on.


WIG Session: 1

The first WIG session since deciding to try the 4DX approach! It was a bit of a weird one given that the 4DX approach was implemented 4 days ago. But it had to start somewhere, right?

Still just mainly feeling this out and getting everything set up. So this will be a bit of a random session. Hopefully after this one, things will start to flow better, and I will get a better handle on how to do these exactly.


Blog Update – 4DX’ing It

The blog has changed formats over the years, and it seems to be time to change it again. I changed accountants, which delayed the income reports from containing the details that made them income reports, and they evolved into more of a status report. Lately, that’s all I have been posting.

I am looking to get back to more informative posts about what’s working and what isn’t. Since starting the blog, I have been making enough of an income online that I quit my job. Since then, however, I have mainly being doing client work and posting once a month. In an attempt to make this blog a little more information and less autobiographical, I am going to take the 4DX approach.


August Status Report

The goal heading into August was primarily to save money and reduce expenses. With the investment opportunities and original strategy, this was the month to make that happen. Savings-wise, the month started off well.

Additionally, I started off August wanting to ramp up the selling of sites. I also wanted to focus on getting another website up and running to generates consistent revenue.


July Status Report

Starting off July, the focus will be on client work, specifically the shorter duration freelance-type work where I am doing a single site and then the work is complete. Ideally, doing sites like this will help get everything set up to sell the existing sites, as well.

The challenge I am facing is just the set up and process of everything. Once I figure that out for the first site, I can just reuse it for the rest. Even things like quotes, proposals, and contracts are hard to come up with the first time, but should be easy for ever additional time needed.


June Status Report

June saw the start of the new client work. I also ramped up online sales. However, on the 18th, the online sales took a crushing blow. I ran into some eBay account issues, and instead of screwing around with that while continuing to attempt to sell, I think the best approach is to pause the eBay sales while I focus more on selling websites.

I did get a website sale, but I wasn’t too happy with the process. Client work still took focus this month,  but with eBay sales being paused, improving the site sale flow moved to the next priority. I began working on making improvements with the intention of starting a bigger marketing plan at the beginning of next month.


May Status Report

I stuck with the plan and made the wholesale order this month. I also lined up a few other products to try selling online. I am seriously considering going private labeled products through Amazon, and am coming up with brand names to use.

Talking to suppliers hasn’t been easy. We come to an agreement, and then terms change, so the deal is canceled. Plus, the time for shipping, just getting everything finalized, reviewed, and decided to go all in is taking way longer that I would like.



It’s been a while since posting an update about the plan. I cover the investing strategy in another post, but I have been reading a few books that all mention the same things.

Prime examples are setting goals and getting into habits, specifically habits that were determined before emotions get in the way.


April Status Report

In an attempt to get some more money coming in with the additional expenses, I started focusing on eBay more than usual. I ran some sales for Easter. I am starting to consider downgrading my accounts to avoid the selling fees.

The outsourced work I got done in February, I really haven’t done anything with. Another goal was to start taking advantaged of that and every day of the week, focus on a different method to make money.