WIG Session: 12

The investment plan is starting to fall apart. Trying to wrap up everything here on-site and then head to Ohio to complete the deal is no longer the plan. The only positive about that is I am getting a bit sick of traveling and will be happy to have an extra week at my apartment. However, I wanted the income the investment would generate.

That also means I have to deal with the fallout of the investment deal once I get back to my apartment. There are a few things I can do to help push it through, along with making other arrangements to get the deal done.

It’s going to be more work, and potentially more money, to actually do it. But I am still happy I get out of traveling to Ohio the week after I am done here.


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WIG Session: 11

I am not a real big fan of traveling. It’s probably because of how often I do it, or really, how often I don’t do it. The more frequently I travel, the better I get at knowing what to do, and the easier it is to justify buying new baggage, power banks, or anything else to help make it go better.

I will be really happy when all this is over, though. I did find out that I have to travel again next month, so I can start spending some money on things that will make travel easier knowing I have a couple more weeks planned.


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WIG Session: 10

Well, this was a weird week. I met the commitment, but it didn’t have the impact I was hoping for. I am thinking I picked the wrong commitment or at least didn’t define what exactly I needed to do.

With the commitment met, the needle didn’t really move, and I don’t feel like I am really any further along than last week.


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October Status Report

October didn’t have a great start. I am starting to become concerned with my money-saving plan, as I continually come up short. I think I need to at least explore other options.

However, I don’t want to chase everything and lose focus. As much as I would like to actually sell some sites, dropship on Amazon, and sell t-shirts, I feel like I started the month off far enough along in client talks to keep that as a high priority.


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WIG Session: 9

This was one of the better weeks in terms of actually doing things, doing them early, and really focusing on what it would take the move the needle. However, it was also the worst week ever in terms of the amount that I could actually save.

I was able to make the last debt payment and the delayed client payment didn’t help things. This week was terrible, but I should be able to start saving more per week going forward.


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WIG Session: 8

I started this week off better prepared than the previous couple of weeks. I didn’t have any travel schedule or visits from my brother. I am 2 months in, behind schedule, and need to get something going.

I also didn’t wait for the last minute to try to accomplish anything. I didn’t actually accomplish as much as I wanted, but at least I am starting to things going without the constant distractions and disorganization.


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WIG Session: 7

Technically, I broke the streak, but it was more of a technicality than anything else. While I started off strong, I didn’t really finish strong.

I should have probably put in more details for the commitment, since I basically stopped right after I did the minimum.

So even though I met the commitment and met it early, I likely could have done more.


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WIG Session: 6

Really need to break the streak of waiting until the last minute. I thought I had a good idea to take the content with me to work on the plane. I flew from Raleigh to Atlanta, had an hour layover, and then went on to Indianapolis.

I got nothing done during that. The layover in Atlanta was cut short when the plane landed, but didn’t have anyone available to guide them to the gate. The run to the gate to catch the flight took the remainder of the time.

That whole trip screwed up my schedule since I was running on little sleep, got to the hotel after 1:00am, and had to get up at 6:00am. The flight coming back took be into Raleigh during rush hour, so getting back home took way longer than I wanted.


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WIG Session: 5

The streak of waiting until the last minute continued. It was earlier this morning that I finally finished up my commitments, but I had some unexpected things come up this week.

Client work was still a priority to make sure I don’t lose any contracts I currently have, but after doing some networking and multiple round discussions, I have basically given up hope that anything would happen.

The answer that I would typically get is they knew they needed to make a change, they liked me, but they just weren’t ready to do anything. Well, this week had a lot of them come back and say they might be ready.


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September Status Report

September started off looking for new clients. Mainly through networking, I reached out to everyone I thought could point me in a direct that would land a contract.

I also kept going on a project I had started. With the addition of the project manager, more work seems to be getting done. I started looking for another developer to help with the work load. I am working on the WIG sessions and setting commitments, but I need to get other things going as well. Even though I am focused on getting more clients, I also need to lay the foundation for other things.


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