Incoming Planning for a Short Term Goal

I have an investment deal coming up, but I have to move some money around to have the cash to do it. That’s looking like I could come up short without cashing out of some investments. Now, I am thinking I should try to get my low-performing money generating methods working a little better to cover the difference.

September Income Report

September had a pick up in client work. Not much else changed in terms of making money online. However, I have historically made the most with client and an additional client should help with revenue.

Also, I went back to Ohio to close on another business deal. While there, Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina, so I stayed in Ohio for about 3 weeks. Since most of my time was away, I didn’t focus on selling anything on Amazon or eBay since I wouldn’t be around to ship anything.

Selling Packaged Work To Get Clients

In order to generate some new client work, I started offering some packages. The plan is to offer a standard amount of work that I can easily quote a price on and complete. Something that I can throw up a Buy It Now button without having to have a discussion first about all the requirements and goals.

The idea is basically to eliminate custom development and just focus on standard pages most people need. I will also be including some more marketing and SEO related services, as well. The plan is to use each to promote the others, so I can do an ecommerce site, plus SEO. If you already have a site, I can just do the SEO.

New Client Deal is in the Works

Trying to increase client work to help get the income levels up. I have been talking to several clients, but all of them were taking a while to develop, or would sputter out at the end. However, I finally landed a new client.

It was a bit of a rocky takeoff. Things started off questioning whether or not I could even be a remote contractor. Early signs pointed to them really looking for an employee to join their team and sit in their offices.

July Income Report

Second income report isn’t much better than the first. More progress was made on the shirts, but not many were sold. Nothing else really caught on either, though. All income is still primarily from client work. Even with that, not much progress was made to get additional work or increase my income in any way.

June Income Report

This is the first income report since the daily report I did a couple years ago. The plan here is to list the money I actually received, not counting investments, such as the real estate.

This would mean that any hours worked before June, but weren’t paid until June would be counted. Same goes for any expense that I received the benefit of before June, but didn’t have to actually pay until June.

Shirt Selling Strategy Update 1

Here’s the first update from the shirt selling strategy. Getting the site set up seemed easy, but there were a lot of minor issues that popped up along the way. Once that was working, getting everything over to eBay and Amazon had problems. Right now, I am mainly focused on the paid designs since I have money tied up into getting them designed that I feel obligated to push these through first.

Some Updates Coming June 1st

I have been trying to post less, but do more. That may or may not be working out all that well, but I have a few ideas to try to make this better. With June 1st being at the end of the week, that feels like the perfect time to implement the changes.