The Giant Risk Everyone Must Take to Be Successful

With the new goal of posting better, complete approach posts instead of posting as often as every single day, I really haven’t been doing that. So I figured I should write one good post, and see how all this works out. For the post, I will address the big question I get asked the most often, how did I start making money? From landing clients to real estate, the ideas are simple, but the execution is hard. There is one thing that you must do which holds most people back.

Chicago Project Likely Over

The nice thing about the additional client work coming in is that the oldest client I had seems to be on the way out. I received an an email about a week or two about regarding the amount of work that is in the pipeline, and it wasn’t in my favor. Now, I got an email that sounds like my time could be up.

Landed a New Client

I ended up doing some client work which ended last year. It lasted about 7 months, and was a pretty good project to work on. A few months after the project ended, I heard back from someone at the same company, but someone I never dealt with the first time around. Another project came up, and they wanted me to join, but at the time, I wasn’t too interested.

Walkout Wednesday

So the big event from today is I quit my job. I am not talking about submitting my two week notice, I just unclipped my badge, set it on my manager’s desk, and walked out. It may have been a stupid idea based purely on emotion and not solid reasoning, but I do not really care. I didn’t like working there, and I really didn’t like my manager.

A New Year, A New Strategy

So I got until May before the posts stopped being published on a regular basis. I have hundreds of other posts that are partially written, but never got to the point to actually publish. I just published them anyway, but most are missing the daily income report numbers. I published them since it fills in the gaps between what happened since the last real post to now.

Day 167: POS Finally Worked!

After playing with the point of sale software on a desktop, I finally got it work on the prototype hardware. This was mainly to prove the hardware would work, and not so much to test the software. It’s the same thing on the desktop that is on this device.

Day 166: Client Work and Sleep

I wrote “client work and sleep” as a draft, but never really followed back up on this. Apparently, I didn’t really do anything since there is nothing specific than I can think of right now.