Day 165: POS Test On Desktop

I decided to give up on the prototype hardware for now, and just work on the open source software. I was able to get it installed and set up, but really, I am not liking it too much. It hasn’t been updated in awhile, and even though it still works, it doesn’t seem to be the foundation that I was hoping for.

Day 164: Mainly Sleeping

Still didn’t do anything. Sleeping on the weekends has long been a problem for me. I try to stay awake during the week to work on things, but when the weekend comes, I just can’t wake up. Even though I am not being productive, I know that if I try to get up anyway, I screw up the coming week.

Day 162: Not Productive

So after all the talk about doing some pre-selling, building a mailing list, and selling some websites, today I nothing of any value. I was hoping to get some stuff set up or at least planned out for the website selling idea.

Day 160: Not Too Much

Yeah, today wasn’t a real profitable day. I am still doing very little to get another income stream coming in, and didn’t get anywhere with anything else I was working on. I am thinking I need a better plan with some sort of timeline.

Day 158: Bought some Litecoins

I had nothing better to do than buy some litecoins! Unrelated to making money online, I have been taking money and investing it. The goal is to keep the losses manageable, and litecoins were tanking. I figured I should average down now.

Day 157: Still Bored

Today was also a pretty boring day. Client work-wise, I still have nothing. This is nothing compared to the amount of work that was getting dumped on me earlier in the year. While it’s nice for things to be calm, they are a little too calm.

Day 156: Repeat Sale…Might be a Scam

Not much of an update here, but I had another sale that is basically the exact same order as a previous one. Not really sure why the order would be placed twice, but I am going to go ahead and ship it. I just hope it doesn’t come back as a stolen credit card or something like that.