Reduced Hours With One Client, but Potential New Clients

As I figured, the Chicago client has reduced my hours. I am now currently guaranteed 0 hours a week. Knowing ahead of time has given me some time to get some replacements lined up. I have a short list of potential new clients to fill the void.

I have a few clients that I reached out to in the past that I will contact again to see about getting some work. I also received a few new leads for potential client work. I am thinking I should be better organized for client outreach.

Previously, I used an Excel spreadsheet, but lately, I am liking a couple of CRM options. Specifically, I like a couple options that have partner programs. My thinking is, I use the CRM to track clients and leads, and begin to fully customize it the way I want.

After some time, I should have developed a solution that is not only valuable, but one that I thoroughly know how to use. By then aligning with the CRM as a partner, the theory is that I can generate even more client work utilizing the partner program to send leads to me.

Using the CRM itself as proof I know how the system works to be able to do any kind of integration or customization, I should be able to benefit from the use of the CRM solution I create, but also profit from the additional work it generates.

If it generates no additional work, I have, at the minimum, a usable CRM solution to use. I am essentially out nothing. Now, if I were to develop a solution and everything turns out to be complete garbage to the point where I don’t even want to use it, then I would have effectively just wasted my time.

But at this point, it seems like a good strategy to help organize my client list and leads while working on a product. Unlike my WordPress plugin which I don’t really need, hopefully I would actually finish this one.