September Income Report

September had a pick up in client work. Not much else changed in terms of making money online. However, I have historically made the most with client and an additional client should help with revenue.

Also, I went back to Ohio to close on another business deal. While there, Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina, so I stayed in Ohio for about 3 weeks. Since most of my time was away, I didn’t focus on selling anything on Amazon or eBay since I wouldn’t be around to ship anything.

I was primarily focused on the business deal that took me to Ohio since I wouldn’t be able to do anything in-person after coming back to North Carolina. I did, however, start the new client project.


Client work lead the way with the addition of the new client. Even with Labor Day getting in the way, client work brought in $21,000 this month. I also got a sale from an ecommerce site for $23.02.


After the terrible ads, I quit those until I have more time to focus on improving the results. Outsourced workers lead the way with $3,024, but I did have some workers work on nothing. I plan on ending their contracts to help keep outsourced work expenses lower.

I also had the $39.99 fee for Amazon


Total came in pretty well this month at $17,959.03. With a full month of the new client next month, I could break $20,000. With more client work and better control over expenses, I would be in a good spot. However, I still have a large risk riding on client work. Without it, I would not make nearly as much as I do. I would like to have a backup plan in place.

Next month, I will open an eBay store along with a Fulfillment by Amazon account. Hopefully I can drum up some sales with very little effort to help boost revenue, even if most of my time is taken by client work.