Some Updates Coming June 1st

I have been trying to post less, but do more. That may or may not be working out all that well, but I have a few ideas to try to make this better. With June 1st being at the end of the week, that feels like the perfect time to implement the changes.

I have started working on the t-shirt selling plan, but things have been a little slow. I am going to ramp up advertising spending as I am learning that’s a key ingredient in most successful businesses. So, June 1st will start a target of 4-figures worth of ad spend per month, with the possibility of increasing that to 5-figures just for fun.

With the increased expenses, I am going to go back to doing income reports. The report on the side of the page (at the time of writing this) is actually about 2 years old. I am going to try to keep that updated, which I think will be for the year. Each month, I will post another post specifically about how I got those numbers, and then add them to the total on the sidebar.

Income reports were the most popular element of the site back when I was consistently doing them. With the year to date, really year to end of the previous month, on the sidebar for an overview of how things are working out without having to view each month separately combined with a more detailed monthly breakdown of where the money come from and where it went, I think I should have everything covered.