Walkout Wednesday

So the big event from today is I quit my job. I am not talking about submitting my two week notice, I just unclipped my badge, set it on my manager’s desk, and walked out. It may have been a stupid idea based purely on emotion and not solid reasoning, but I do not really care. I didn’t like working there, and I really didn’t like my manager.

I didn’t have any of this planned. However, I do have the other businesses going along with rental properties combined with the client work. I don’t really have to have the job. It did put me in an awkward situation because I couldn’t really grow my own businesses without having to take time off from my day job. Without growing, they weren’t really big enough to justify quitting to focus exclusively on them. Without quitting, they would never grow as big as I wanted.

So I go in today, and it’s just like any other day. I check the defect log to see if any critical issues need attention, and there’s an issue that been hanging around. I thought it was fixed the day before, so I take a look. There are some scheduled jobs that run overnight, and it looks like one of those jobs didn’t actually run, which kept the issue from being fixed.

I am talking to admin about getting this all worked out, and I am talking to the other developer who actually worked on this. I then start getting instant messages from my manager about swarming on the issue, 1 minute later I am getting asked for an update, and then I am getting text messages from him asking if I am at my desk and why I am not replying.

Now, I am getting annoyed with him especially because he likes to just ignore all my questions. He also likes to avoid doing issues until they are an emergency, so this issue could have been addressed early on instead of waiting this long. In a typical middle-management position, he wants everything to go through him to make him feel important not caring about how he slows things down because of that.

I sent a reply about how I can either look into it or spend my time just talking about it. Probably not the best reply ever, but that gets me a one on one meeting with him after our typically status meeting. I have heard his meetings before, and he’s not the best team player. He comes off arrogant and demanding, like he’s better than everyone else.

I know this meeting won’t go well, but there’s also the feeling that I don’t really need this job. Similar to Pat Flynn’s Let Go Day, I got the feeling today could be my day. We do the stupid status meeting, and then I have a few minutes before the one on one, so I am talking to the admin to figure out a way to keep this from happening again. I finally go into his office.

First thing he tells me is when he asks a question, I better give him an answer. I don’t really care, so I just say okay. Then I couldn’t really hold it in any longer, and I start bringing up how he’s not quick to answer either. He turns into a big baby wants me to point to the messages on his screen where I asked him a question and he didn’t reply.

Next we opens up the tickets and wants me to point to the updates I made. When I point out the ones he did the same thing as I did that made him throw his temper tantrum, he gives me his standard response of “what’s your point?” claiming he followed up with me the next day.

So when I point out the fact that he can just follow up with me the next day, but he wants answers immediately even though there is a status meeting right after it happened, and then this meeting, it seems like a double standard. I would have had plenty of opportunities to follow up after having the time to actually work on the issue. If that’s how he wanted to act, I don’t think we can work together.

He told me the door is always open.

So I gave him my badge and left.

While not planned, it does work out well. Friday will be pay day for the previous two weeks. Two weeks later, it will be pay day again, but I will get my unused vacation time paid out. That will actually make for a bigger paycheck than normal.

March 23rd will be the first time I notice no longer having a job, but that should be plenty of time to get other things going. Today, I am mainly dealing with the fallout of just walking out. Calls, texts, and emails asking me what went down.

Worst case, I spend the rest of this week not really doing anything, but dealing with the aftermath. Then I hope to actually get focused and start making money on my own terms.

No more office. No more manager.