WIG Session: 1

The first WIG session since deciding to try the 4DX approach! It was a bit of a weird one given that the 4DX approach was implemented 4 days ago. But it had to start somewhere, right?

Still just mainly feeling this out and getting everything set up. So this will be a bit of a random session. Hopefully after this one, things will start to flow better, and I will get a better handle on how to do these exactly.

Previous Commitment Report

The goal for this first WIG session was to have contacted 3 people who would be likely to either be a client or refer me someone would become one. I managed to reach out to about 12 people. Some of them already turned me down and referred no one. Others sound a little more promising and some still haven’t replied.

Overall, I met the commitment. I wish I had a better starting foundation in terms of potential clients, but at least I am not starting entirely from scratch.

Scoreboard Review

The goal to save an additional $100,000 by the end of the year will be done similar to the savings strategy. Every Monday, I will transfer money into the high-yield savings account. That account must have the additional $100,000 by the end of the year in order to count this as a success.

Once the money is in the account, I will not transfer it back out, except to pay for the investments this entire goal was about. However, the money will be counted on the Monday I transfer it. It won’t actually make it into the account until about 3 days later. Transferring it on Monday means it clears on Thursday.

That’s too much work to try and time it so it clears on Monday, so I am strictly counting the money in the account and the money scheduled to be transferred, even if it hasn’t cleared.

The current projection has week 1 at $0, and I am there! The scoreboard for the first week was really less about getting money transferred and more about just having a scoreboard.

In addition to the smaller chart in the sidebar, I will also have a more detailed scoreboard page available.

Commitments for Next Week

Things are still ramping up. I believe the biggest impact I could have on getting the money is still client work, especially finding a new client to replace the one I lost. For this week, I will reach out to at least 3 more people, and have a second-round conversation with at least 1 person.

Additionally, I should work on other things, like online sales and selling websites, but that will be more whirlwind things than an actual commitment. Also, since I am strictly talking about savings, paying down debt will also be a factor at some point. I need to have my expenses in check in order to have more money to save.

So even though it’s lame having a similar commitment to last week, that’s what I commit to do.