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WIG Session: 10

Well, this was a weird week. I met the commitment, but it didn’t have the impact I was hoping for. I am thinking I picked the wrong commitment or at least didn’t define what exactly I needed to do.

With the commitment met, the needle didn’t really move, and I don’t feel like I am really any further along than last week.

Previous Commitment Report

So I have been running some ads, and this week’s commitment was to take it up a notch. I ran some additional ads, tweaked a few things, and started a follow-up campaign targeting visitors to the site, specifically ones that started the checkout flow but didn’t finish.

The campaign ran, but it generated no sales. The whole point of this week’s advertising was to generate sales instead of brand awareness. I ran the ads, but the end goal wasn’t met, which is disappointing.

Scoreboard Review

I need to move a little over $5,800.00 per week to stay on pace, but since I am behind, I moved extra this week. I came in at a total of $7,500.00, but I am still not in a great position.

I managed to cut down the amount I am short to under $10,000, but it looks like I need to average $7,125 for the rest of the weeks in order to hit the goal. Since the original amount was just $5,800 and I couldn’t do that, $7,125 isn’t going to be easy.


The entire $7,500.00 came from client work. It was largely due to the shortfall from last week with the client delaying payment by a week.

I do have the debt paid off, so I am hoping to have more money to be able to save. Plus, I have the additional client work starting next week. I am still holding out hope that I can get back on track.

Commitments for Next Week

As much as I would like to finally get some websites sales coming in, I have a bit of an issue. The client that switched to a long term contract is based out of Minnesota, but they have an office in Cleveland, Ohio. I am at that office now.

They made me travel, so I came in last night and am heading out real late tonight. That traveling really messes up my schedule. Additionally, next week starts the new client work, and they want me back in New Jersey for at least a week.

I think the best thing I could do now is to focus on making the new client happy. That should generate immediate revenue. Attempting to get more advertising campaigns that will actually generate sales will likely be rushed due to traveling and ultimately cost me money without bringing anything in.

Plus, keeping the clients happy is definitely the better long-term play. So the commitment for next week is to focus on the existing clients while I am traveling and away from my apartment while getting ramped up with the new client…it’s not the most exciting commitment, but the payoff should be better than this week.