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WIG Session: 11

I am not a real big fan of traveling. It’s probably because of how often I do it, or really, how often I don’t do it. The more frequently I travel, the better I get at knowing what to do, and the easier it is to justify buying new baggage, power banks, or anything else to help make it go better.

I will be really happy when all this is over, though. I did find out that I have to travel again next month, so I can start spending some money on things that will make travel easier knowing I have a couple more weeks planned.

Previous Commitment Report

Showing up onsite for the new client while still answering calls and emails from the existing clients wasn’t the easiest thing ever, but I was able to do it. One client did run into some issues. My account was disabled, which kept me from being able to access things.

That actually worked out in my favor since I had a couple of tasks reassigned while the access issues got addressed. That made it easier to focus on the client that I was here to see knowing I had little tasks outside this client.

But like I mentioned above, I have to be here all next week, and then again for another week next month. Getting used to being here while still handling the workload will have to be something I get figured out.

Scoreboard Review

After calculating last week that I need to move $7,125 per week, I came up short. I managed to transfer $5,125.00. The big issue was the client pay. Only 1 client actually paid me.

The others didn’t screw me over, but their schedule is shifted to next week. With the one client changing contract terms, the last payment was shifted by a week. The new contract terms will have the first payment on the same day, so I will be getting two payments from them at the end of the week.

The client I am onsite to see will also start paying at the end of this week. That made it so I had very little coming in.


I got bailed out this week by investments and interest coming in at $2,231.27. Only $2,893.73 came from client work.

Next week, I am hoping I can get back on track, especially since I will start getting paid from the new client.

Commitments for Next Week

With next week also onsite, I think I need to keep the whole plan of making sure the clients stay happy. Additionally, I need to get my expenses in order.

I spent a lot of money on travel, which according to my contracts, I can expense. Getting the expenses submitted from last week’s trip to Cleveland, and then this week and next week’s week-long visit, I should get a decent check just from that.