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WIG Session: 12

The investment plan is starting to fall apart. Trying to wrap up everything here on-site and then head to Ohio to complete the deal is no longer the plan. The only positive about that is I am getting a bit sick of traveling and will be happy to have an extra week at my apartment. However, I wanted the income the investment would generate.

That also means I have to deal with the fallout of the investment deal once I get back to my apartment. There are a few things I can do to help push it through, along with making other arrangements to get the deal done.

It’s going to be more work, and potentially more money, to actually do it. But I am still happy I get out of traveling to Ohio the week after I am done here.

Previous Commitment Report

I got the expenses for the Cleveland trip all done. I also organized all expenses for last week but will submit them with this week’s expenses.
Also, the client that I’m on-site with seems happy and the others aren’t complaining, so I think I’m good for that, as well.

The big benefit of doing this now was the timing. It’s close enough to Thanksgiving that people are taking time off. Plus, there’s nothing critical going on right now.

That helped with the other clients. They didn’t really need anything from me while I’m here, so I didn’t have to juggle multiple tasks while sitting next to a client.

Scoreboard Review

This was a pretty terrible week as far as saving goes. I came in at a total of $4,000.00.

That’s well short of the $7,125.00 I needed to transfer over weekly to get back on track, and this is coming after 2 weeks of missing that mark. I really needed to exceed it to get caught up.


All $4,000.00 came from client work.

Part of the issue was one client didn’t pay. With the account lockout I had last week and the new contract term, I wasn’t able to submit my bank details for the payment.

I was told a check out be mailed instead, but so far, I haven’t received it. The client I am on-site with did pay, but I started Monday and was paid Friday, so it wasn’t much.

Once all clients are paid up and I get my expense reimbursement checks, I could have a chance of catching up. The reimbursement check should probably go to the credit card I put the expenses one, but it’s a 0% APR card until June.

Commitments for Next Week

As lame as it is to repeat the commitment, I think I need to. Getting these two weeks expenses submitted would help greatly in getting back on track.

Next week will be the day before Thanksgiving. If I could get these expenses out of the way, I could then focus on selling some sites while trying to capitalize on Black Friday.