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WIG Session: 13

These WIG sessions seem to have been going well, however, I am still over $16,000 short of where I need to be. That’s probably the point of doing this. It’s not so much as a guarantee that you will hit the goal, as much as it’s a way to tell ahead of time if you are on track to hit it.

I am clearly not on track and need to do something different. Looking back, I took money from my checking account that was basically just sitting there and moved it into the savings account. That’s how I managed to move more money early on. Now, the extra money in the checking account is gone, and the amount I am able to transfer is decreasing.

Previous Commitment Report

I got to go through all the expenses I racked up while traveling, and go those all sorted. The original plan was to have the client book the hotel directly. When I got there, however, they wanted a credit card. I asked which card would be charged, and they said if I don’t get ahold of someone who has access to the full card number used to book the reservation, it would be charged to my card.

I didn’t really care since I use a travel rewards card. The more I rack up on it, the more rewards I get. That works well in situations like these where I put the money on it, and then get reimbursed later on. That did greatly increase the amount of money I had to spend, though.

The card also has 0% APR until June, so there is no immediate need to get the reimbursement check and pay the card. I probably should make payments on it since that’s what screwed me up last time, a credit card that was 0% and then was quickly approaching 18% that I had to make sure was paid off.

With these out of the way, I just have to wait for the check to come. I do have another week on-site coming up. Another advantage of getting these done was to figure out the process along with what all was allowed. That way, I know how to better do it for the next week I spend there.

Scoreboard Review

So this is going terrible. I am over $16,200 short of where I need to be. This week will be the week where I get paid for the clients and get all caught up on checks. However, I might have dug a hole too deep to get out of.

I need to be doing transfers of $9,125 starting next week until the end of the year to get back into it. Originally, I just had to do $5,882 per week. I am coming up to about double what I needed to do, which I failed at doing.

With less time needed on getting clients and more time spent on real billable work, I am in a better place now. However, I still think I need to get something else going in order to help get caught up. I really need to switch back to the website selling while not losing any ground on the client work. That’s really the only other thing I have any type of foundation built up with, and I clearly need more revenue coming in.


Only $2,250.00 was transferred this week and all of it came from client work. The rental houses had insurance due, but one vacant house has a tenant moving in on December 4th getting me back to 100% occupancy.

I also have my rent due on the 1st, and with the late/missed client work payments, I was a little nervous to move too much over in case I didn’t get paid and ended up short on the bills I need to pay.

That should make it so I have a little extra next week to move over, but to be completely honest, I am nervous about the $9,125 figure. I only have about 5 weeks to go, and things like the rental houses generate revenue only once per month.

Without something additional happening soon, I don’t think I will make it. Plus, of the 5 weeks remaining, I know at least 1 of those weeks I will be at the client site, making it harder to do other things.

Commitments for Next Week

I think it’s time to get offers in front of people. I have been trying to lay the foundation for the sites to be sold, but the foundation doesn’t generate any revenue. For next week, I would like to actually start pushing sites for sale.

There are 2 reasons for this. First, I need the money and getting offers in front of people is the only way to get anything coming in. Second, with Black Friday this week and Cyber Monday next week, people are in the buying spirit.

I can capitalize on that and sell sites, along with using the buying spirit to help promote the sites for sale. Amazon affiliate websites seem like a better buy if Amazon is going to be helping you out convincing people to spend more money.

Keeping the clients happy has to become part of the whirlwind…also this WIG session seems to be really ranty.