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WIG Session: 14

I am still coming up short, but I need to get ready to head back to New Jersey next week. This really hasn’t been a good week for me. I am still trying to complete the investment deals, and that’s something else that will be impacted by the trip.

I didn’t make as much progress as I hoped, but I made about as much as I expected. Even the client work was more effort than usual. A lot of people were out for Thanksgiving and will be out again for Christmas, so they needed everything done now.

Previous Commitment Report

The commitment was to get offers in front of people. I got offers in front of people, but no sales. A few email newsletters were sent along with posting sites for sale on various classified sites. I got a few questions sent in, but that resulted in no sales.

The big marketing campaign I wanted to do, I still haven’t done. I thought about it, but with the traveling coming up, I am a bit nervous. I did a marketing campaign before and when I didn’t have time to complete the work, all sales were refunded. I don’t want that happening again, especially not now.

I felt it would be better to wait on the big campaign until I had more time to focus on it.

Scoreboard Review

I am sucking, and really, I am not sure I can make up for it. Obviously, I can get to $100,000 by extending the timeframe, but to pull off the amount short by the end of the year is starting to feel out of grasp.

I do still have some expense reports unpaid, but even with those, it’s unlikely I could get back on track before the end of the month. They would be about $3,500, still way below the amount I am short.


Transferred this week was $7,125.00 which all came from client work. I don’t really have much else generating any kind of revenue at the moment…which is probably why I am behind.

Commitments for Next Week

I will be back with the client next week. I am thinking, even though lame, the commitments should be to keep clients happy, stay up to date on all expenses, and just try to get this over with.

The expenses will be the biggest killer and getting those paid back soon would likely be the biggest source of income I could get in a short amount of time.

There’s not much else I can think of in order to generate money that would have some type of impact before the end of the year. At this point, it’s mainly just about getting across the finish line with what I have in place already.