WIG Session: 3

This is the first week where I didn’t really meet the goals as quickly as I did previously. Looking over some other teams’ 4DX tips, completing the goals as quickly as possible has been the most common.

Up until this week, I had everything done shortly after coming up with the goals. However, this week took me until yesterday to get everything completed. That was mainly due to the WIG session being today. In typical Parkinson’s Law fashion Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

Previous Commitment Report

I did the other second round client talk and got a third round scheduled. What they are looking for and what I normally do aren’t really in alignment. Not sure I should take them on as a client, even if offered, but so far, it’s really my only lead.

Commitments for this week actually were to ramp up my development team. I met the commitment and hired a new developer, but we didn’t have the greatest take off. The guy I talked to turned out to be less of a developer and more of a project manager of sorts.

He has a team that works with him to do the work, so even though it sounded like he could do everything I wanted, he really knows people who can each do a part of what I want. That resulted in 3 people joining the discussion instead of just the 1 person I thought I was hiring. I am not real sure how well this is going to work out. I am already a little annoyed with the whole situation.

Even though I hired the developer already, I have yet to see any work produced. Unless I get some high-quality coding, I might have to look for a replacement. Also, the project manager I hired a few weeks back was moved to the websites I have for sale to help get those sold, and he was also a little disappointing to this point. I might need to revamp half the team to get things progressing.

The second commitment was to do some blog promotion on Facebook. I did get a new post added along with creating a post template to help do these more often. So far, it did really accomplish much, but I would like to start using Facebook more than I currently have been.

So two commitments for this week were both met. The Facebook posts were made yesterday.

Scoreboard Review

After falling short last week, I am short again this week! I should be at $11,764.72 but am currently sitting at $8,500. However, I have a good excuse. Last week, I mentioned that I didn’t get paid from clients, but this week I would get 2 checks.

Well, I got the checks, but I was over my mobile deposit limit. In order to cash the second check, I had to use another account, and then transfer the money from that account into my main one. From there, I could transfer it to the high-yield savings account. That took too long, and it wasn’t cleared in time to transfer.

So it will be transferred as a part of next week’s savings.


I transferred $4,500.04 from investments and interest.

The income amount was $1,499.96 which was all from client work. I still have more client work money to transfer in. Additionally, I made some debt payments, as well. So all in all, it was a fairly good week, even though the scoreboard shows otherwise.

Commitments for Next Week

I haven’t completely given up on client work, but I really only have the round 3 meeting in the pipeline, nothing else is going on with that. I think the focus should still be selling the websites along with getting my own projects up and running.

With the team issues, I should probably get those sorted out. To actually move the needle this week, I would like to get 1 website ready to be sold. If I could do that and get the team all the same page, firing on all cylinders, and get the site ready, I should be able to get a few more done quickly after that.

With 20 or so sites done and ready, I would be in a good place to run a new marketing campaign to sell them. So getting the first one done will be the focus for this week. The stretch goal would be to get the second or even third done, too.

The scoreboard has been updated. Still behind, but that should change soon.