WIG Session: 4

Similar to last week, I didn’t get done as early as I would have liked. It took way more time to focus on the wildly important. Part of the issue was client work was a bit more this past week than usual. With one contract down and no new replacements, I get a little nervous when work comes in that’s harder than expected.

I feel like if I don’t address the issues immediately, I run the risk of losing this contract, as well. This made client work more stressful, and even though it’s just a part of the whirlwind, it took up more time than I would have liked.

Previous Commitment Report

I did the round 3 meeting along with had some of the people I originally reached out to finally get back to me. There was no significant progress made on the new client front, but I am not entirely ignoring it, either.

That actually wasn’t my commitment, though. With the development team, the goal was to get 1 site ready to be sold. Getting the site ready with the team issues all ironed out turned out to be harder than I thought.

The project manager got to take the lead on this to put some distance between my QA tester after their big argument. It turns out, the project manager wasn’t really that good or efficient. He produced poor results, and since I didn’t really want to move him back on the team with the QA, I decided it was best to part ways.

So now I am down a project manager, but there was much project work to manage. Having a virtual assistant seems like a better fit, but I didn’t get the time to even look for one of those. Plus, I figured I should handle the first site so I know exactly what needs to be done.

I got the site up and looking good…it took until earlier this morning to finish it, though. More than likely, I will still tweak it a little as I go. But for the most part, it’s done. I am now ready to start on the second site.

Scoreboard Review

I am closing the gap, but am still coming up short! For this week, I should be at $ 17,647.08, but came in at only $15,500.00. It is actually kind of disappointing. I was fully expecting to be where I needed to be by now.

I should get paid for all 3 clients this week, which could make for a good week next week, but I will likely run into the same bank transfer issues that I did last week. I should also get an investment payout next week, so it’s at least looking promising.


The first transfer of $5,139.32 came in from last week’s client work that needed to be transferred to one account before being transferred into savings.

The second transfer was a bit of a weird one. It was $1,860.68 that actually came from online sales, but sales that happened months ago. The money was just sitting in my PayPal account, so I figured I should move it over.

Commitments for Next Week

Next week will be to continue working on sites. The plan is to have a second site done. Mainly because getting sites done will give me more products to try to sell, but also the second one should help me figure out what I will have to consistently do for the sites and make it likely that I can an automated or at least more efficient way to do it.

I would like to be able to start churning out sites faster, but it will be slow at first. If I can get the second done, and maybe the third, things should start to speed up. With enough done that justifies a marketing campaign, I can then switch to actually selling the sites and bring in money.