WIG Session: 5

The streak of waiting until the last minute continued. It was earlier this morning that I finally finished up my commitments, but I had some unexpected things come up this week.

Client work was still a priority to make sure I don’t lose any contracts I currently have, but after doing some networking and multiple round discussions, I have basically given up hope that anything would happen.

The answer that I would typically get is they knew they needed to make a change, they liked me, but they just weren’t ready to do anything. Well, this week had a lot of them come back and say they might be ready.

Previous Commitment Report

The commitment for this week was another site ready. I was able to finish that up this morning. Still, I may do some tweaks. I found some things that came up with the second site that would be good to fix or implement, but then realized that it would also be beneficial to have on the first site from two weeks ago.

I feel like that will be an ongoing process. New sites will come up with new problems, and those solutions would work for all sites. I am still doing updates to the sites that I claim are done, but if needed, they could be sold as they are currently.

Also, even though this was not a commitment, I am getting more people talking to be again about potential client work, as I mentioned above. I have some trips scheduled where I will actually meet some potential clients in person to discuss the opportunity to work together.

I didn’t bother hiring another project manager for my own projects.

Scoreboard Review

I came up short again, which is now starting to become a concern. I should have $23,529.44 but came in at $ 21,500.00. It’s getting me closer, but I have the issue where clients pay me at the same time. This was that week. Next week, I will have very little coming in, so I should really be above what I did for this week and have most of what I need for next week.

My commitments are to get sites ready to be sold, which will help eventually. But I am concerned it will be too late. If I spend the rest of October working on sites, and then sell them November and December, that’s great.

However, if they don’t sell in November or December, I essentially wasted October….plus November and December. I am starting to get torn on whether or not to stay the course and work on the website selling plan, or pivot and work on getting more revenue coming in to contribute to savings now instead of later.


I made a transfer of $6,000.00 which was all from client work. The investment payout that I thought I would get will not actually get to me until next week. At least I will have something to transfer next week.

I did make more debt payments, and am almost done paying off everything. That will stop money going out, so I have move to transfer into the savings account.

Commitments for Next Week

Just 2 sites aren’t really enough to justify any type of marketing campaign. The goal for next week is to work on site number 3. However, instead of doing the whole site, I will commit to editing the content and getting the images ready. That’s what takes most of my time.

If the site doesn’t get done with fancy colors with everything looking good, I’m okay with that as long as the content is ready to be posted. I could just hire a virtual assistant at that point to post everything.

The reason is, I need another site and the content is the hardest, so I would be 80% of the way there with that done. That would also free up my time a little to explore things like drop shipping on Amazon and selling shirts, which I explored before.

The goal with that is to see about whether or not it would make sense to focus at least a little bit of time on those to generate more revenue now, while the sites are still being developed.

I am also working on setting up other sites that are ready to be sold on the new host, and will likely run at least some time of smaller marketing campaign or a basic newsletter blast as a soft launch. This will be more whirlwind stuff, however.

After all, the goal is to save cash. Even with the investment deal likely to fall apart, I still want to have a sizable cash reserve for other deals. Plus, saving the money when I technically don’t have the pressure to save might make things easier. With the 4DX method, the lead indicators are telling me I am behind, so it would be pointless to do nothing about it. It’s the whole reason to do 4DX to begin with!