WIG Session: 6

Really need to break the streak of waiting until the last minute. I thought I had a good idea to take the content with me to work on the plane. I flew from Raleigh to Atlanta, had an hour layover, and then went on to Indianapolis.

I got nothing done during that. The layover in Atlanta was cut short when the plane landed, but didn’t have anyone available to guide them to the gate. The run to the gate to catch the flight took the remainder of the time.

That whole trip screwed up my schedule since I was running on little sleep, got to the hotel after 1:00am, and had to get up at 6:00am. The flight coming back took be into Raleigh during rush hour, so getting back home took way longer than I wanted.

Previous Commitment Report

The commitment for the week was to edit the content and get the images. I was able to do that, but it was considerably harder than I anticipated. Plus, I don’t really enjoy doing this.

This feels like the type of work I should offload onto someone else to both get it done quicker and because I don’t like doing it. With the content fully edited and the images selected, I still have to actually set up the site.

That puts my total still at 2, but with this one being number 3 and nearly complete. I still haven’t listed any of them for sale, though.

Scoreboard Review

Not selling any sites is starting to become a concern. I haven’t actually listed any for sale or did any marketing, so the lack of sales isn’t what the concern is for. It’s more about knowing I will come up short with the client work I currently have.

Unless I generate more client work or gets sales from something else, I will not meet the goal I set out to do. I did have some more discussions with clients, both new and deeper in rounds. I am hoping something takes off, but unless that happens soon, it will be too late to be of any real help.

Unsurprisingly, I am short again this week.


No client paid me this week, so the money transfer was primarily from investments and interested. Money from that came in at $2,737.15 for the week.

I did have some money from last week’s client payment I was holding on to, but I transferred that this week for an additional $762.85.

I will have 1 more big debt payment to make before November, and then just about all the debt will be paid. I will have 1 more credit card, but it has 0% APR until June of next year. I will not be in a rush to pay it off, but these things have a way of creeping up on me.

More than likely, I will hold off making significant payments on it (the balance is about $4,000) until next year, just because I want to save now. However, I will start paying it come January and will not wait until June.

Commitments for Next Week

With the lack of enjoyment setting up the sites and dealing with content, I think the biggest impact I can make is to hire a new person to help.

Unlike the project manager I had before that needed to be let go, I will find someone with the main purpose of helping with these sites, which means they know how to edit and write content, along with enough technical ability to post content.

I would also like to be able to do that sooner into the week and not the Wednesday morning.