WIG Session: 7

Technically, I broke the streak, but it was more of a technicality than anything else. While I started off strong, I didn’t really finish strong.

I should have probably put in more details for the commitment, since I basically stopped right after I did the minimum.

So even though I met the commitment and met it early, I likely could have done more.

Previous Commitment Report

The commitment was to hire someone to help. I found 2 good candidates. The first was really cheap and she knew a lot about WordPress. However, she had conversational English and wasn’t comfortable editing any content or writing anything new. But she was cheap, though.

The second guy had native/bilingual English, could edit and write, and not only knew about WordPress, but also about SEO. At almost double the rate, he wasn’t as cheap, but seemed to be a better fit for what I was looking for.

After talking to them both, I decided to go with the writer since content is a big issue and was what last week was all about.

So I met the commitment of doing the hiring, but then stalled out. I never gave him any tasks to do or anything to edit. The week ended with him waiting on me to give him something to do.

Scoreboard Review

Still not doing great. With 1 more credit card payment left, I thought I was in a good position, but I had to renew some domains…the same domains I am trying to sell.

That was more than I anticipated along with some other expenses, none of which were significant, but several small payments add up quick.

I should be at $35,294.16, but only made it to $31,000.00. I closed the gap a little more from last week, but wasn’t as close as I was two weeks ago.


The money from this week was all client work. Total transferred was $6,000.00.

Other client work revenue went towards the expenses I had, so it wasn’t as much as I would have liked. It was more than I needed to pace for the week, but with every other week skipping a client payment, I really needed more this week to make up for next week.

I might stall out the next couple weeks, but then I should have some big transfers I could do to hopefully get caught up.

Commitments for Next Week

With the newly hired help, the commitment for this week is to get some type of system established to be able to assign tasks. He should have enough work to fire on all cylinders without being blocked by me.

I would like to have the process ironed out, specific tasks assigned, and then general tasks that he can work on when nothing else is available so that’s he’s booked solid with work.

With that all in place, I should be able to keep everything progressing forward, even if I am not personally doing the work.